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Friday, February 09, 2007

Ruth is still an hour north. It's been almost two weeks since she's been away (again). The whole thing has been going on more than a month.
She says I am out in the world hanging out with cool people and she is isolated in a place where no one understands her. It's true I am out in the world, but I feel pretty isolated as well.
We will have a meeting monday to talk about the plan for the next couple of weeks. I have no idea. I miss her so much. I want her to come home. But based on our recent experience of her being home, I'm not sure it's the best place for her. She finds it very stressful. She's got a lot of neck and shoulder pain.
It continues. The worst is over, but even though I am talking to my friends in the states and people here, I feel very alone without her.
Off to work.


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