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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Ruth: No worries mate! She'll be right!

Turns out I am a hypochondriac....sort of.

I guess I wanted my own little piece of ER action because while Marolyn was at the gym I panicked, decided I was dying and called the ambulance.

I truly believed that death was a possibility and I might not make it .

My hands were cold but I was clammy and sweating like a pig, I was too scared to move, my spine hurt, I had this weird swallowing feeling that I convinced myself was internal bleeding.

Lying there with my cold hand and my fading energy, to breathless to even talk, I could picture myself slipping away.

"The ambulance is on it's way" said the sweet, considered voice of the operator.

"Oh, my heart is starting to pound" I said

"Take deep breaths" he said "Calm down!"

"What if I don't want to calm down." I said "What if I want to panic. I'm scared!"

"If you slow down your breathing you will conserve oxygen" he said.

Oh, I liked his reasoning.

Well, I'm sorry but A&E was full of c@#ts. They are probably nice people but I didn't like their tone, I didn't like to wait. I was having an emergency dammit! They didn't seem to think I was such an urgent case...THANK GOD!

I went to my GP and she did further funny tests to confirm my 'not about to die' status.

"Put your finger on your nose...now touch my finger...now the other finger...I'm going to hit my finger with a hammer, now I'm going to hit your elbow with a hammer"

I liked her style. She is a very wise, very strong and very fun woman. I trust her. She listens to me. She not afraid to share her opinion but she knows that the final decision is mine. Whew!

Diagnosis: Backache and mental health problems bordering on a catatonic state.

Now we are packing our bags for a Queen Supreme room at the Hotel Intercontinental and I have been prescribed valium and neurofen. The dose to be varied as I see fit (within reason).

I have always known to keep my sweet little mind away from E, P and LSD.
Now a New Years at a nice hotel, with my baby and some yummy drugs doesn't sound so bad.

Don't cry for me, lovely readers.


  • At 12:59 PM, Blogger zerbs said…

    Glad to hear that you're o.k. I'm thinking of you. And thanks for the blog...it really allows me to catch up a bit.


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