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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ruth: Honey, she's a real Honey

Marolyn and I have finally fulfilled one of the pledges we made to ourselves on returning from LA this time. We have bought a diesel car to convert to vegie oil. A diesel nissan vanette with $1000 worth of camping equipment to be exact. We have named her Honey.

This lovely old fella from the Wairarapa has a hobby of buying decent old vans and kitting them out with all the camping equipment a pair of backpackers could ever want, then selling them off at incredibly reasonable prices.

When we rounded the figure up a little to get to an even $3000 he kept throwing in free stuff. Finally we realised he wasn't going to take any more money off us so we gave him a bottle of wine and some cookies instead of upping the figure any more.

It's funny how generosity is self perpetuating. I've found the same is true for meaness. I've experienced both ends of that spectrum lately and I think that concious leap of faith to out-generous someone else can make all the difference. It's just almost painful to contemplate when I'm in the place of "but he only...", "but I always...". I guess the only thing for me is to be the person I want to be and let the universe balance the scales as it chooses.


  • At 7:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Let's see a picture of Honey! Congrats on your new wheels.


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