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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ruth: The Waiting Game

The euphoria of inseminating has fizzled a bit and doubts are starting to set in. My temperatures have been unusually low. Although this can be explained by waking up at crazy times like 4am, it's still not a good sign.

Work is pretty stressful right now as I'm doing my new job as well as the old one until the new guy starts next week. They've just asked me to go to Christchurch for a conference on Oct 30th as the person who was going to present is on sick leave. It's exciting because my boss is doing a keynote speech that promises to be entertaining and I'll get to catch up with my little bro. The 30th was also our recommended test date so now I get an excuse to test early. We've decided on the 28th so the countdown is on.

I'm taking today off - the first real day to myself I've had since I got back.

Marolyn has been very inspired around the house lately so I'm going to join in with that, do some spring cleaning and take walks on the beach. Flax flowers are just starting to come out, ducklings are about and it's a good day to be in the bay. I'm up early enough to watch the sunrise and I might even spot our 80+ year old neighbour going for a swim.


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