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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Marolyn: Oh life is bigger, bigger than you, and you are not me...

So that is why I will fill you in on me in a blog.
Will you read? I don't know.

I had my first day back at work yesterday, I got there and I was in charge. It was a good and scary feeling. I actually thrive on the responsibility. I think that may be beneficial when I become a Ma (I think I that's what I want to be called. Hey Ma! gimme a bottle! Hey Ma! I got a nappie full of poo! Hey Ma! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!).

I am obsessed with a band called TV on the Radio. My friend Mikel gave me two great CDs of music I've never heard and, as usual I am addicted. All of my obsessive listening over the past year has been New York bands TV, Interpol and Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah. Coincidence? I think so. Maybe they are all very similar.

Now that I have a job, I've been spending money like crazy. I haven't even been paid yet, but that hasn't stopped me from buying copious house cleaning supplies (still preparing for the cat shit cleanup - I should make it into one of those fundraisers like in elementary school. How many piece of poop can I clean up in one day? Get sponsorships for each piece I shovel into my double thick plastic bags.). I also bought a secondhand cabinet for all of my vinyl records. Do I have a record player? no. Buttons. TV on the Radio CD. A subscription and 13 back issues of ReadyMade magazine, answer to everything you need and don't need in your life and... a badge making machine. That's a lot of stuff considering I've only been back in the country for 3 weeks! Maybe I am a trophy wife underneath.

Meanwhile we went to an embroidery night at a cool shop in Newtown owned by Mindy, a woman from San Luis Obispo. She makes a lot of the stuff in the shop herself and she has a really inviting and fun personality. She has kept her American Fire while I feel like I show mine to Ruth, but cover it up in front of others. New Zealand can be kind of reserved. No more though, since I've been back here I've realized that I am me and I shouldn't try to censor my expression because other people are boring.

Today is cleaning day. The Salvation Army is coming to pick up (and drop off) and we are babysitting the neighbors today. I'm looking forward to next Saturday. Yay.

Much love,


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