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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Marolyn: Busy Busy Busy

I guess this is the time to be as busy as I am.

In the past two weeks, I think I've worked way too much - more than 100 hours. So much, and still I am contemplating going in today, a Saturday. Hmmmm. That's too much.

The good thing about working so much is that I make money, which I will admit is the main reason I am doing this job. Which, I will freely admit, doesn't place my drive in the exact right place when I am at work, sitting there at 8pm. It's not love and passion for the work, it's cold hard cash.

So I'm floating in this world of waking early, going to work about 7.30am, eating breakfast there, staying in a windowless room staring at computers for the next 11 hours, listening to Classic Hits (which aren't at all), managing negative people, come home, eat, decompress, go to bed early and start again. The good thing about this job, apart from the money, is that I am building confidence and experience as a manager.

A lot of people work at jobs just for the money. I'd like to think I could live by Joseph Campbell's principle of following your bliss and trusting that the money will follow, but I don't exactly know what my bliss is right now. Therefore, I'm saving up in the meantime so I can have a stash under the matress when the bliss tornado scoops me up and I am blinded by happiness and fullfillment.

Anyway, onto other things.

I am so ready for Ruth to get pregnant. Very excited. Bring on the bubs. For the first time, I am feeling ready for it all. Maybe it is because I am more secure in my employment (although I refuse to work these hours once we have a little one) and have some goals. Maybe it's becuase I love hanging out with Ateo and Nicola. Maybe it's because it's so right. Whatever the reason, I'm happy.

We went to Auckland last weekend and it was so fun. It has a great feeling to it. I've only heard negative things about the city, but I felt much more at home there than I ever have in Wellington. After LA, when we move back to NZ, we will move to Auckland.

much love,


  • At 7:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Marolyn,

    Just got caught up on your blog. The ups the downs the almost preggy moments. It sounds like you girls are really both busy and I hope you can enjoy your time not working together because that's the stuff life is made of. I love the pictures that you're posting on the blog, too. It really makes me miss you though. I'll eat some pumpkin pie for you this Thanksgiving. That good old American holiday. Let's skype soon after the Turkey day festival.
    Love lots and give a hug to Ruth,



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