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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ruth: You can't beat Welly on a good day

Sunday was one of those five fabulous days that Wellington gets a year. It felt magic.

Marolyn was tech for Lesbian Radio. Then we went to the gym for a swim and spa and then we went out for yum cha with ....someone who might be our new donor. It was nervy and exciting. We've known him and his boyfriend for a while. They were at our wedding. Although we haven't seen a lot of them since then they have been a really sweet and positive presence in our lives.

After yum cha and some talking about how a donor arrangement might work, the four of us walked through Waitangi park and along the wharf. The water was clear, the air was warm and full of insects. Everything glittered with possibility.

They left to go furniture shopping and Marolyn and I took the cable car up to the gardens and walked through some bush tracks that we hadn't been on before. We lay down under a huge tree and looked at the sky.

For the first time since everything capsized last Christmas, I feel hope about the TTC journey instead of bitterness at the twists we've had. I feel some sadness that things didn't work out with the first donor. He remains a valued friend and I'm grateful for everything he did do. Finally, Marolyn and I concluded that he will have a special relationship with our children whether related to them or not. With the new guy and his partner, I'm kind of scared of getting on the whole roller coaster again - but it just feels right.


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